Dr. Ann Bradford Caballero

Dr. Ann Caballero is a Licensed Clinical Child Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP). Her scope of practice includes children, adolescents, parents, and families. Dr. Caballero earned her master’s and doctoral degrees from Wheaton College. 

Dr. Caballero has provided assessment, treatment, consultation, and crisis intervention in many different community, clinical, school, and faith-based settings for the past nine years. During her graduate school training, Dr. Caballero provided psychological services in a variety of sites throughout the Chicago, IL and Houston, TX metro areas, including: a community mental health agency; an after-school program; a residential treatment facility and therapeutic day school; an inpatient and day treatment hospital for children and adolescents; a private school for pre-school through 8th grade; a multidisciplinary faith-based private practice; and, public school districts. She completed a pre-doctoral internship accredited by the American Psychological Association with Houston ISD and a post-doctoral fellowship with Cypress-Fairbanks ISD. Dr. Caballero started Oak Grove Psychological Associates in 2016.

Dr. Caballero’s clinical expertise includes child trauma, developmental psychopathology, integrative psychological assessment, evidence-based treatments, school consultation, and individual, family, and group therapy. She values cultural competence and sensitivity to issues of diversity. Her research interests include sources of resilience in children impacted by traumatic events. She has lectured on child trauma in academic settings and has provided training and consultation to churches for crisis response, healthy relationships, and child development.

Dr. Caballero was born and raised in Kentucky, attended graduate school in Chicago, and is now a transplanted Texan. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and golden retriever. Her hobbies include traveling, relaxing at the beach, cooking, and photography.

A Message from Dr. Caballero:

“Making the decision to seek help for yourself, your child, or your family is often a difficult one. I do not take this lightly. I appreciate the courage it takes to reach out for support. When working with children and families, I want to understand your unique situation. I practice from a holistic perspective, which means I attend to the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors in a person’s life. I seek to understand the interaction of individual characteristics (e.g., temperament), interpersonal dynamics (e.g., family relationships), and environmental conditions (e.g., school). I work to identify specific risk factors contributing to the development of difficulties that need to be addressed and uncovering specific protective factors that can be utilized to promote more resilient functioning. I work collaboratively with clients to create treatment plans that will fit your needs. I believe in change and healing. There is hope, even if you feel that your situation is hopeless. It is my privilege to join with you and to offer you new insights and ways to work through pain and problems.”


About Oak Grove

Our name, Oak Grove, is intended to keep us focused on our goal of promoting resilience in children and families. Oak trees are strong and hardy trees with deep, well-established roots. They are resilient to external threats and live for generations. A grove is a group of trees that grows close together. We hope that all of the individuals we serve will develop individual strength and resilience, while becoming deeply rooted in his or her identity. We also believe that individuals flourish in community and desire to help our clients overcome interpersonal and social barriers.